Game of Thrones Swordsman Joins Star Wars Film

BBC: Actor Miltos Yerolemou, best known for his role in the first series of fantasy drama Game of Thrones, has joined the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.

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ceballos77mx2528d ago

Hopefully some good lightsaber duels this time.

pompombrum2528d ago

Fingers crossed however if the plot leaks are any indication to go by, the story might not be very Jedi vs Sith like. They've also got in a Parkour expert, that would certainly make for some interesting Ataru based duels too.

ceballos77mx2528d ago

Im trying not to spoil it by reading every news leak, but being a game of thrones freak the temptation was very strong.

I dont mind if there's not that many jedi vs sith fights on this one but I expect a large battle eventually.

mushroomwig2528d ago

What do we say about unemployment? Not today!

Energy-HL2527d ago

Had a photo with him at London Comic Con!