Gearing up for ‘The Expendables 4′: Justin Bieber, Jackie Chan to Join the Cast?

AirHerald: On the heels of the recent August 15 release of The Expendables 3, it seems that writer and actor Sylvester Stallone is keen to do a fourth film. Rumors and speculation are already circulating the Internet about who will join the large ensemble cast for The Expendables 4, with several sources suggesting that pop music star Justin Bieber may be slated for a role. Jackie Chan has been talking about appearing as well, after being asked to join the cast previously but turning down the part.

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-Foxtrot2530d ago

"Justin Bieber"

LOL...they are joking, right?

CaptainYesterday2530d ago

C'mon it's gotta be a joke, Jackie Chan makes sense and he would be great for Expendables 4 but Justin Bieber there's just no way!

Porcelain_Chicken2530d ago

I thought the idea of The Expendables movies in general was a joke. Lawlz.

gangsta_red2529d ago

Just stop! Part 3 was a box office bomb! The cast is getting to ridiculously big.

Trim the cast down and focus on over the top action!

barb_wire2528d ago

Maybe Bieber is playing one of the Expendabelle's?

extermin8or2528d ago

Or hopefully a two bit part at the start, someone they've been tasked with assassinating. Aldo to the guy above Expendables 3 probably lost alot of it's box office to the fact it'd been available on the web for like a month or two and alot of people watched it like already when it released.