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10 Depressing Things About Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

What Culture: "The upcoming release of a new Batman movie – especially one that’s also a Superman movie and involves fisticuffs between the pair of them – should be a cause for celebration, but these days it’s seeming more and more appropriate to commiserate. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have a silly title, but it’s nothing to smile about, according to both the fans and Warner Bros."

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04roacht2525d ago

If it is just as dark or darker than Nolan's it is doomed to fail.

Porcelain_Chicken2525d ago

Because the Nolan movies bombed, were panned by critics everywhere and earned the first Oscar for a comic book movie!!! DUH!!! Would have thought that was pretty obvious.

geezy692524d ago

Simply because he grew up in a different era, with a different batman who ran around in tights and was hardly taken seriously, thats why!