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ThaMofo writes:

"Batman: Assault on Arkham shows us that movies that solely revolve around heroes are not really needed to create a fun and action packed movie in the ‘superhero’ universe. The fact that the band of villains portrayed in this movie can carry the entire plot on their shoulders proves that movies such as this are a great initiative that could be explored even more."

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aDDicteD2521d ago

one of the best batman animated films that came out recently. i was very surprised it ended as a real entertaining film after the very cheesy introduction it had at the beggining.

the villains, mostly made up of unknown characters except for deadshot and harley, established that they can carry the film and serving batman and joker as its supporting cast was a very clever idea and i hope deadshots character would even be popular after this.

other known villains also made an appearance which made the film better.