Is It Just Me... Or Are The Matrix Sequels Just As Good As The First Film?

TF: In our regular polarising-opinion series, Total Film writer Matt Looker asks, is it just me? … or are The Matrix sequels just as good as the first film?

"I love The Matrix. The first one, obviously – not the sequels." It’s a distinction I’ve heard so many times that it makes me want to reach for the red pills, the blue pills and every-other-colour pills just to try to escape the conversation, let alone reality. What’s really so bad about The Matrix sequels?

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DarkBlood3017d ago

Well I always liked the second film the most then the first and third after

but then again the second largely due to the action pieces

Soldierone3016d ago

They tried to take all the good parts of the first one and make full movies purely based off those parts. What you get in return is too much good stuff and now anticipation for it.

I remember great action sequences in the second one, but it happens so frequently that you didn't care. It was a boring movie, and the third one was even more boring. I don't think i've ever made it through the third movie.....

ajax173016d ago

I think they are. A lot of people didn't like them because you really had to invest in the mythology of the universe to understand "Reloaded" and "Revelations". You really need to play "Enter the Matrix" and watch "The Animatrix" to get more out of the sequels.

aDDicteD3015d ago

NO, the first matrix is far more elegant and groundbreaking than its sequels.

for those who claim that the sequels were garbage, i also do not think they are, in fact the sequels are very entertaining films far superior than an average sci fi film, especially the second film, matrix reloaded was so good that the only flaw it had is that it had revolutions as a direct continuation, because both reloaded and revolutions stand hand on hand and cannot be seen as a film that can stand on its own. while reloaded is far more superior, revolutions is almost like a mere final fight film for the matrix.