Here's What The Incredibles Would Have Looked Like Directed By Christopher Nolan

CBM: The Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan has tackled a variety of genres, but not an animated feature (yet!). So, what would happen if the man behind Interstellar had helmed Disney and Pixar's The Incredibles? Well, this cleverly put together trailer reveals all...

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Porcelain_Chicken2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Haha badass! Hans Zimmer FTW!

Speaking of which why didn't The Incredibles ever get a sequel? :l Cars certainly didn't warrant one and while Monster's University was amusing, a prequel wasn't necessary. But The Incredibles surely deserved a sequel. I mean c'mon it had a FRIGGIN cliffhanger!

dafegamer2286d ago

love the batman begins theme