Which Warner Brothers Directors Should Helm a DCCU Film?

Here is a list of directors who could helm solo DC Cinematic Universe films including The Flash, Green lantern, Shazam, Aquaman and Wonder Woman!

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Porcelain_Chicken2527d ago

Besides Alfonso Cuaron which would be badass for the space aspects and pacing of the film. And maybe Phil Lord & Christopher Miller i don't really like the list.

Affleck might not be able to direct well under the batsuit. And Kathryn Bigelow just seems outta place to me. Although she can direct action well and could provide a consistent tone, as well as properly develop the characters. Plus, she's an Oscar-winning director so i could be wrong there lol. Off the top of my head my dream choices would be...

Superman: Keep Snyder
Batman: Darren Aronofsky
Wonder Woman: Rupert Wyatt
Green Lantern: Alfonso Cuaron
Flash: Edgar Wright or Phil Lord/Chris Miller
Aquaman: Tarsem Singh or Ang Lee (Yes, really)
Shazam: Sam Raimi

KnightGambit2526d ago

The whole point of this specific editorial on DCCU directors is because they are all (Beside Bigelow) connected to Warner Brothers, Affleck or Snyder since this seems to be what WB is doing anyway....

Plus, Ben Affleck wouldn't sign onto a role without getting to direct his own movie. He is gonna direct Batman it was probably even in his contract.

Porcelain_Chicken2526d ago

I caught that. I just personally felt the chosen directors didn't fit the bill. As you said Bigelow isn't very close to WB so i didn't think a personal list with directors in the same predicament would matter.

After Watchmen and 300 Snyder was obvious to direct something. He was even offered Green Lantern at one point. As for your statement on Affleck, it is unfounded and untrue. Affleck signed on to 'Runner Runner' and 'Gone Girl' recently without directing. Sylvester Stallone dropped out of directing The Expendables 2 to focus on the acting and producing portion of the flick. With Affleck commenting on how hard it can be to move in the batsuit i can imagine him taking a similar route to Stallone and leaving the directing duties to someone else while he focuses solely on acting. BUT if he can truly juggle both then i agree i am all for it. Argo and The Town were both excellent movies.