Troy Duffy Reveals Boondock Saints 3 Title and Plot Details

Flickering Myth

The phrase cult movie will forever be tied to 1999′s The Boondock Saints thanks in large part to its strange path to success. After the script and writer/director Troy Duffy were plucked from obscurity and labeled the next Hollywood “it” thing, the film and Duffy were dumped and left to fend for themselves. The movie – about a couple hard-drinking Irish brothers who are one day called upon by God to exact bloody revenge and justice upon the criminals of Boston, Mass. – barely got made and was completely ignored when first released. Over the course of the following years, Duffy and the Saints rose to stardom as fans bought endless DVDs of the film and passed them around to friends and family. A sequel was made, an online store opened up and the cast and Duffy have toured the country meeting with fans ever since.

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alycakes2524d ago

This makes me very happy if it's anything like the first two.

Soldierone2522d ago

It sounds super interesting because there are so many ways to approach this idea. The only thing that has me worried is they have yet to even approach the two brothers coming back.