Leaked Photos From the Fantastic Four Reboot

GeekPride: Behold, Geek Pride people! I have acquired, from a source who wishes to remain both employed and anonymous, photos from the set of the Fantastic Four reboot.

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04roacht2533d ago

Don't know if I like it. It almost seems that Fox want this movie to fail.

NewMonday2532d ago

looks like it trying to be the worst super-hero movie since Ghost Rider 2

SilentNegotiator2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago ) people here SERIOUSLY think that's the final character and not a session of rough test shots?

cell9892532d ago

let this be, so they can loose the right and have them revert to Marvel

-Foxtrot2533d ago

Looks like someone wrapped him up in tin foil.

cell9892532d ago

I saw a way better costume than that at SDCC 2014 by a cos player

WizzroSupreme2533d ago

Can't see the pics, the link's broken. :(

Ninte2532d ago

Can you see the two smaller pic above the comment? I was able to see it there.

RetrospectRealm2532d ago

Link works fine to me. Plus, the images are added here on Filmwatch too.

Kurylo3d2532d ago

looks like crap.. just like the rest of the ideas this movie has.. including casting... Painful to watch.

Soldierone2532d ago

That looks horrible. I've said it before with other movies, but that one is just plain bad....

I also heard they were thinking of making this a found footage style movie..... They seriously just want to destroy it....

Crazay2532d ago

Looks like a Jawa to me

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