Watch: Ewan McGregor & Brenton Thwaites Go For Gold In First Trailer For 'Son Of A Gun'

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With names like Ewan McGregor, Alicia Vikander and Brenton Thwaites among the cast, we figured "Son Of A Gun" would've been slotted somewhere on the fall festival circuit (maybe it'll show up in Telluride this weekend?). But the thriller is opening Down Under shortly, and the first trailer is here.

Written and directed by Julius Avery (who took home a Cannes Jury Prize for his 2008 short "Jerrycan"), the story follows a veteran criminal who takes a protegé under his wing, and together they plot a major gold heist. But of course, complications arise by way of the law, the unreliable notion of honor among thieves and a beautiful woman. Seems like pretty standard stuff, but McGregor is clearly having a blast chewing up the scenery, so if this is just a thriller executed with some chops, perhaps that'll be enough.

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