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TVF Covert Affairs Review: Trust Earned and Trust Betrayed

Annie still hasn't caught the people behind the Chicago bombing, though she got much closer than she's ever been by the end of Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 10.

Through all the leads, Annie, McQuaid and the CIA are finally on the right path for finding the people actually responsible for the bombing. They are really good at their job, yet they were led astray by people who were just as good. It's easy to go down the wrong path, when being pushed there unwittingly.

No more. Annie knows her target and certainly will be going after Belenko with no holds barred.

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alycakes2525d ago

It turned out okay in the end except for McQuaid getting shot but if Annie doesn't watch it she's going to loose all her friends and connections at the CIA. Auggie is right when he says to her that all she does is lie and keep secrets. She needs to start opening up more to him if she want him to continue helping her and trusting her. She has lost that part of herself somewhere along the way.