Should Robin Williams Get A Tribute In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

CB: Earlier tonight, Billy Crystal gave a touching tribute to his friend Robin Williams at the 66th Annual Emmy Awards. As a very talented actor and comedian, Robin Williams usually had his choice of TV and movie roles, but there was one particular role that eluded him. Williams was a comic book fan, and he had expressed interest in appearing in a Batman film.

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StarWarsFan2532d ago

This has turned into such a missed opportunity. Robin Williams could have done so well in a Batman movie as a dramatic and maniacal villain. A tribute is only fitting, but it would have been more fitting if he had actually had a role in a Batman movie.

ironfist922532d ago

He wouldve made an EXCELLENT Hugo Strange especially in the Dark Knight trilogy imo.

WizzroSupreme2532d ago

I don't know. He was never officially cast as the Riddler, but he should be given a nod just for who he was; in any movie. :)

Scrivlar2532d ago

Nah, he had nothing to do with the franchise to be fair, stuff like what World Of Warcraft are doing is great, And Zelda will probably do something too