Why The Winter Soldier And The Amazing Spider-Man Prove We Don't Need Any More Origin Story Movies

CBM: Hit the jump to read why we, as a film audience, no longer need any more origin story movies for our comic book adaptions. Also, take a peak into my mind and check out what I think are some the most creative origin story movies.

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Soldierone2531d ago

I would add Guardians to the best origin stories. You didn't even realize you were watching one.

Also I think the best way for these films to do "origins" is just utilize the opening sequence. They normally do a comic book style opening anyways, just tell the basics during those frames. Even that is only needed if you switch actors.

TheHergulaX2531d ago

Personally, I don't think that it "proves" anything really, but it is an enjoyable read with a nice point of view.

StarWarsFan2530d ago

I feel The Amazing Spider-Man was just a waste of time with it serving as a reboot. It didn't really offer anything new. It just offered a little more detail to the origin story of the first Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man should have just carried on from the original movies like a Spider-Man 4, albeit possibly with a new cast similar to James Bond films. Gwen Stacy was already introduced, so everything was there if they had just allowed Venom to come back as a solo villain in the next movie and carry on with some flow for the franchise.

WizzroSupreme2525d ago

Definitely. So many superheroes like Batman and Superman are such cultural icons that everyone knows their origins anyway, as if Batman Begins and Smallville didn't cover that enough. Just get to the good stuff.