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Watch: Take 'A Walk Among The Tombstones' With Liam Neeson With 4 Clips Plus New Pics From The Film

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There's a lot of prestige fare coming in the weeks and months ahead, but sometimes you just need the comforting, gravelly voice of Liam Neeson to remind you that it's okay to see a movie that aspires to be nothing more and nothing less than pure genre material. Movie titles don't get more pulpy than "A Walk Among The Tombstones," and four clips and a batch of new images have arrived to show you what's been aggravating Neeson lately.

Based on the book by Lawrence Block, the movie follows former NYPD cop and unlicensed private investigator Matt Scudder (Neeson), who toes some dark ethical lines when he helps a pair of drug dealers seek out the kingpin who murdered their wives. The scenes below give you a sampling of the movie, with Dan Stevens looking pretty serious, and That Guy From "True Detective" going all sinister again.

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alycakes2532d ago

Anything with Neeson is okay in my book