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TVF Falling Skies Review: Hail Mary Interrupted

Is Tom a good leader? Or, just arrogant?

For the most part, I've never questioned Tom's leadership or tactics dealing with the 2nd Mass, the war or his family. His mistakes in the past have been well-intentioned and thought out. For the first time that really stands out, Tom's ego got the better of him to the point that he was irritating on Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 10.

Pope was right when he said that the people on the ground needed Tom and Weaver more than anyone else. Tom was blinded to what was the best for the 2nd Mass and his family by putting his own desires first. He was driven by his gut and the "sense" that he was supposed to go. What's that really about?

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alycakes2527d ago

We'll have to see if Alexsis helps now that she knows the true nature of the aliens.