Director Neil Marshall Either Wants to Direct a Black Widow Movie or Unleash Those Dragons

Vanity Fair: Neil Marshall had already made a name for himself long before he started working on Game of Thrones. The self-proclaimed action addict is the writer-director behind the hit cult classic The Descent and was well ahead of the curve when he put a shirtless Michael Fassbender in his sword-and-snow-boot epic, Centurion. But he’s earned attention from a whole new crowd as the big-battle specialist on Game of Thrones. During the show’s second season, Marshall was called in at the last minute to direct what many consider the most impressively cinematic episode of television: “Blackwater.”

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Lord_Sloth2534d ago

Anybody else find BW incredibly dull?

Dark112534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

No way.. she is awesome.