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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Star Wars Again

BAD: I’ve had a tempestuous relationship with Star Wars, the same as many of you. I loved it as a kid and a young adult, really getting excited about the Special Edition rereleases and being crazy hopeful for the Prequels. I was battered by that trilogy, and in the end I walked away from Revenge of the Sith soured on Star Wars. The next decade of the internet didn’t help - an endless barrage of Han in carbonite merch and Boba Fett stuff and shitty mash-ups kept the repetitive iconography of Star Wars in my face, repressing everything else that had made the first two films interesting. Star Wars, a massive saga of action and philosophy, had been weakened by the Prequels and ground down by the Pavlovian fanbase.

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WizzroSupreme2534d ago

No worries, be happy. Life in general, then. :)

Soldierone2534d ago

I think this could be said about a lot of things, not just Star Wars. When you go see a comic book movie, if you just accept it as a NEW version of a story and not a re-telling, then it's so much better.

People that expect word for word translations are the ones that get all mad and can't enjoy anything.