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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Marvel Unveils The First Official 'Dancing Groot' Toy

CBM: Marvel released the official clip of Guardians of the Galaxy's Dancing Groot due to popular demand, and they've now revealed that they're teaming up with Funko to produce a toy based on the adorable CGI creation. Hit the jump for a first look at the sure to be must-have toy this Christmas...

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Soldierone2535d ago

I didn't really even think much of this. I thought it was a funny joke, but to see how big this joke is getting is nuts! I'm seeing this get so much attention, and of all things in the movie, I don't understand why ONLY this gets attention.

2535d ago
ironfist922535d ago

Knew this was going to happen as soon as the scene was shown.

konnerbllb2535d ago

Knew what would happen? People would want the toy and they would screw it up and then people would complain?

ironfist922535d ago

No, that they were going to capitilise on what is essentially a fun meme from the film.

cell9892535d ago

This movie was so awesome it deserves this kind of attention

SilentNegotiator2535d ago

They could have done better than that...

-Foxtrot2534d ago

This really not what people were expecting

Now a full on dancing the one in the display picture...hell yes

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