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Top 8 Most Adorable Animated Movies Ever Made

With every passing day animated movie trend is increasing, because these movies are cute, beautiful and interesting and attract many viewers. Today, we are presenting our list of top 8 beautiful and adorable animated movies ever made.

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waleed1252535d ago

pretty decent list dont agree with them but over all good effort.

hammad4122535d ago

Walle E should be on the top

Alxe2535d ago

it should be UP on top, didnt see that one which is on the top.

ProjectVulcan2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

I wouldn't call Akira "adorable".

I would also say there were many more "adorable" Studio Ghibli films than Spirited Away. It might even be their best film but I felt that My Neighbour Totoro or Arrietty are much more lovable films. They aren't really about much, there isn't all that much plot, it's just watching a snapshot of these characters living.

They just sort of happen. Which is their charm.

retro_2534d ago

My Neighbour Totoro and perhaps Kiki's Delivery service should replace Akira and Fantasia and swap Wall-E with Howls Moving Castle or The girl that leapt through Time.

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