9 Ways 'New Girl' Is Secretly the Same as 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Bustle: "Fall is now approaching all too fast, which means back to school, back to sweatshirts — but also, back to our beloved fall TV line-up. In addition to a handful of premieres, September promises the much-awaited reboots and reworkings of our favorite shows — including the recent and thumbs-up-inducing announcement that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olson will have a recurring role on New Girl. According to Entertainment Weekly, Olson will play Ashley, the former high school nemesis of Jess and Cece who is now Jess’s father’s fiancé. If had to guess, I’d say hijinks will ensue."

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-Foxtrot2456d ago

They aren't even in the same league

Soldierone2455d ago

To be honest, it sounds more like either a really good coincidence, or they are simply "stealing" ideas.

Always Sunny is just outright more funny. BOTH have that more dry style humor where you need to pay attention, but Always Sunny never really tells you when to laugh because it's a constant joke. Newgirls feels like they are "older" or more mature, which makes their jokes more dry and have laugh moments. I mean when does Always Sunny ever get serious for more than a few seconds?

I do agree though, I rather her name just be Dee because I won't be able to see her as any other character lol