5 Films “Based on True Events” That Aren’t So True

Film Inquiry: "I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t lured me into watching a movie or two: the old “Based On A True Story” tagline. The Conjuring, a recent horror release that is based on the true story, involves possessed dolls and physical apparitions and it’s not necessarily something everyone would believe to be true, so how factual can the story be? Lone Survivor, Wolf of Wall Street, and Saving Mr. Banks all came out in the past year with these “true” origins, and often times it generates a little buzz because the accuracy of the statement is called into question."

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Soldierone2538d ago

It's normally horror movies that do it.

In film school we are taught that it just needs at least one detail in order for you to say this. For example a big one is that horror movie where the family died in the house. As long as you talk about the house, you can say "based on a true story" and make every single other thing up. They say this is okay because simply re-telling the story would make it a documentary, and since it isn't, people expect you to exaggerate things.

RetrospectRealm2537d ago

They also teach that if you change the story too damn much it ain't based on sh*t anymore.

Soldierone2537d ago

No they just teach you to keep it grounded on the story. A lot of "true stories" are actually boring as hell, so you wouldn't want that anyways.

Also if they can get just one person to state a certain aspect is true (such as seeing a ghost for example) they can say that part of the story was true.

RetrospectRealm2537d ago

Yes, to keep it grounded they teach you to keep as much of the true story as possible. To stay faithful to the base.