Extant 1.07 & 1.08 Review: “More In Heaven and Earth” & “Incursion” | TVOM

TVOM: "Tonight on Extant we saw Molly trying to do as much as she could to see her baby, which John wasn’t a fan of. He wanted her to tell what she knew what to the board, show the file that she had and be done with it. Right now, I have very little interest in this though. In fact, there are several plots happening with the baby, or the Offspring as the ISEA puts it. I know that there was a cloud in the chamber with it in this episode and then it has something to do with Yasumoto’s cancer. I just don’t care. All you really have to do is tell me it’s an alien and I’m set. You can show me side-effects of it, like the three-circle logos that are seemingly everywhere but I don’t need to see everything that has to do with the baby."

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alycakes2539d ago

I know the baby is alien but what I want to know is where is it? What do they mean to do with it and what is the baby going to do why is it there?