​Is The Age Of The Superhero Team-Up Movie Upon Us?

io9: "Greetings, my little stamp scamps. I've wandered into a new area of my post-apocalyptic world where intelligent apes rule instead of man. They can speak, they have they have their own society… I know there's only one thing I must do: Come back with bananas and see if I can rule them as their god. Wish me luck."

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Soldierone2540d ago

It's odd because team ups were used to spark sales in comics when stand alone comics were not really doing much. In movies it was used right from the get go.

I bet we will hit a point where the team up movies are sold in parts. I just hope they finally hit big stories like Infinite Crisis etc... WB has a huge upper hand with that because they have rights to everything DC, while Marvel is struggling to piece certain aspects together.