TVF Covert Affairs Review: Instincts

Does Annie have good instincts?

If I had to put money on someone's instincts about people, it would be Annie. That doesn't mean she's infallible, especially when she lets her heart get involved. On Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 9, she followed her instincts and it will either be one of the best decisions she's ever made or one of the worst.

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alycakes2542d ago

I know it's Caitlyn Cook that is the traitor in all this and doing a good job of acting like she's not aware of anything that's been going on behind her back with Ryan McQuaid. By now Annie should know better and trust Auggie with everything she knows but she just keeps getting deeper with lying to him and pretty soon she's going to loose the only friend that will help her when she's in a bind.