Silicon Valley: The Show Big Bang Theory Wishes it Was

Ross Everman for Fully 'Avin It writes: Silicon Valley is a new show about a gang of nerds trying to become the next Steve Jobs, but it’s actually brilliant and you should watch it right now.

The hipster runs strong in my veins as I write this. I can barely lift my head from the weight of a non-existent fedora. For years I refused to hate the Big Bang Theory, because at least there was something on TV where geeks ran the show. But as the episodes and season rolled on, even I have to admit that the show has irredeemably sunk into a festering quagmire of nerd-blackface.

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shodan742536d ago

Absolutely loving this series so far. Mike Judge is a genius. Anyone who hasn't seen Office Space should check it out immediately!

Soldierone2535d ago

Didn't know about this and now I want to see it.

I always said the show "Betas" is the show BBT was supposed to be. I liked BBT at first, but now it's just a hipster show and not a show for nerds.