The Wonderfully Dumb MPAA

The Film Class Junkie's thoughts on the wonderfully dumb MPAA: a system that leeches on to the fears of moral America.

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Soldierone2540d ago

How the hell did Boyhood get an R rating? For implying sex.... really?

I think the MPAA needs to stop being lazy and actually bother to watch movies. Instead they follow a filter system where if you say the "F word" one too many times, it's R rated, no matter what.

Like the article suggests, there is a difference between yelling the F bomb every other sentence, and casually using it once or twice. Granted a skilled writer could convey the point without using the word, but using it at the right times makes a scene really powerful due to how society has "banned" the word.

Outright sex and f words, etc... (Think Sin City or 300) are at a different level than say Boyhood... yet both are rated R. Same issue with PG 13. Go ahead and kill thousands of people, just don't make blood splatter and you are fine....

afalco7132540d ago

I am going to write a part two with this article because I haven't even scratched the surface. THe other problem is that they cater directly to the major studios: something Matt Parker and Trey Stone have gone on record saying, which probably affected Boyhood. They are a corrupt organization that claims to be the moral police.