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5 Plot Holes You Never Noticed In 'Friends,' Even If You're The Biggest Fan

Huffington Post: "The One Where Everything Is A Lie. "Friends" may be one of the greatest shows of all time but in its decade-long run on the air, it had quite a few inconsistencies. Family backstories changed, names switched spellings and even Ross' hatred for ice cream was forgotten. But most of these are simply minor annoyances. Truly frustrating are the glaring plot holes that affected entire episodes."

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TheSaint2179d ago

Never cared about more like. Friends was about the comedy, not the intricate plot.

SouthClaw2179d ago

Simpsons make the same statement in their show. There are so many plot holes in the Simpsons their response is "its just a cartoon". If you enjoy it for what it is that's all that maters.

Soldierone2178d ago

I know it's for comedy and all, but keeping things somewhat "intricate" allows you to stay engaged. If you were to actually catch on to one of these during the show, it would take you out of it to think.

It's like they just went, whatever and thought of jokes they thought would be funny. "Hey what if this happened" It un restricts them by not caring, but at the same time it takes a little more skill to care.

The show did run forever, so I give them that.