Watch: New Trailer For WWlI Drama 'Fury'

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“It sort of exploded out,” filmmaker David Ayer said about his latest film. “I wrote it for me.” Ayer’s largely been in the domain of police films so far ("S.W.A.T.," "Street Kings," "End Of Watch"), but for his next trick, he’s taking on a WWII drama starring Brad Pitt. And if you think Pitt’s already done a WWII movie with Quentin Tarantino (“Inglourious Basterds”) well Ayer’s “Fury” sounds vastly different. And rather raw and brutal. What’s it like? In a long feature in the New York Times recently, the movie was described as a “relentlessly authentic portrayal of the extremes endured, and inflicted, by Allied troops who entered Germany in the spring of 1945.” Intriguingly, the Times also say the movie “promises to be one of the most daring studio movies in an awards season.” Bold words, my friend.

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alycakes2541d ago

I saw this preview at the movies the other day and it is powerful. I want to see this but don't know if I will at the theater. I hope Shia gets his act together because he is a good actor when he puts his mind to it.