8 Movies Directed By The Last Person You’d Expect

With James Gunn having just stunned the world by going from pitch-black indie comedies to box office blockbusters, it’s time to consider other extraordinary cases of filmmakers going down a road few could have predicted.

From romantic-comedies made by horror icons to action schlock from arthouse heroes, Mark Butler highlights eight well-known movies directed by the last person you’d expect.

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alycakes2538d ago

What about The Avengers? It was directed by the man who created Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

WizzroSupreme2537d ago

Then again, maybe too many people recognized the awesome of those shows according to this list. :)

WizzroSupreme2537d ago

Totally didn't expect the Cloverfield guy to turn Apes into the epic that it was.