Henry Cavill Hides Superman Costume Under Robe on 'Batman V Superman' Set

Just Jared

Henry Cavill sports a black robe over his Superman costume while walking on the set of his upcoming movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Monday (August 18) in Detroit, Mich.

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Porcelain_Chicken2541d ago

Cool!!! Gonna be a loooooooooon friggin wait. All in all he looks good.

Soldierone2540d ago

Wonder if they changed it or something? Otherwise why hide it?

Porcelain_Chicken2540d ago

Hiding a few battle tears, or possibly even a green crystal *ahem* lodged in his belly? xD

Just a though i dunno.

Soldierone2539d ago

According to some other leaks, it's a darker costume and slightly changed. Makes me curious :P

Porcelain_Chicken2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

There's a new pic on the web. One with the robe open. WOW! Costume looks amazing. It's actually brighter than the MoS costume. Yellow instead of gold. Way better, since the movie will have an anti-Supes theme brightening his costume to separate himself from the bad Kryptonians is probably a good idea. And it'll contrast well with Batman's darker colors. Gonna attempt a link... it'll probably not work T-T

Also those legs!! Haha, at least you can't say Henry was skipping leg day.

Soldierone2539d ago

That is crazy! It's like he stepped right out of the comics.

His legs are insane, that has to be part of the costume. They probably painted it in a way to define his muscles a bit?

If his legs are really that massive, he just plain nuts!

Porcelain_Chicken2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Some of it is definitely part of the suit. Just enough to make it look natural. Hope Snyder doesn't put it through his "suck-out all the brightness" filters. Although i think those filter are only for his pictures. The MoS suit was meant to be darker.

WizzroSupreme2540d ago

Superman is caught with his PJs down when Batman swoops in to beat him up, I guess.

PS4OUR2539d ago

Notice the slick new hairstyle he has as superman. I totally agree with that. More in line with the Christopher Reeves look. Love it.