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New Set Pic from Star Wars: Episode VII Goes Back to the Desert

From Cinelinx:

After the deluge of Star Wars: Episode VII information that landed this past Friday, there's still more on the horizon (thankfully). Today, we got our hands on a new picture of the set currently at Pinewood Studios, showing that some desert scenes are still being shot for the production.

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WizzroSupreme2534d ago

For some reason. If rumors are true that John Boyega and Daisy Riddley are the Tatooine residents that find Luke's lightsaber drifting in space, then there's just about no reason that recycling Tatooine's necessary beyond nostalgia, for which there is none. Luke has little connection to that planet anymore and neither does anyone else in the ST universe.

cyclindk2534d ago

Finally, an entire Star Wars film about Jawas. The Life and Times of the Jawa (a "jawamentary" if you will)