The Throwdown #91

All good things must come to an end. This my friends is the final episode of the third season of The Throwdown and the last episode to be posted on our long time home, STFUandPLAY.

Being that this is the last episode until we move over to The Koalition, we wanted to make it special. We’re joined by Alex Nuss from Junkie Monkeys and also by the man who started this website, Torrence Davis. This being our final episode on this site, it’s fitting that it was also one of the wildest and most fun that we’ve recorded in a long time.

This week, our main and only topic is Gamescom 2014. We breakdown all of the big news that happened at the show and discuss what stood out to us the most. We also answer fan questions and this portion of the show is where things got really crazy (in a good way of course).

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