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Worst Movie Sequels of All-Time

Hollywood loves a sure thing. So it's probably no surprise that when a film enjoys massive success at the box office, Tinsel Town executives immediately start planning the sequel. After all, audiences loved the original so just churning out more of the same is a bullet-proof plan, right?


Here are 10 of the worst movie sequels ever made.

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Soldierone2539d ago

Forget Hangover 3, 2 was bad enough!

Also have to agree with Matrix Reloaded, that was one of the only movies I ever fell asleep watching for the first time...

WizzroSupreme2539d ago

Definitely agree with every film after the original Matrix. Slap together the best 20-30 min. of Reloaded and Revolutions and you have the best 3 hr. Matrix film.

topgun332538d ago

I would have to agree with Hangover II, it is one all over again, and they make Alan look like a an asshole by treating Stu's soon to be brother in law like shit.

1) Rush Hour 3: I would have loved for them to tackle the mystery of Carter's police officer's father murder. Carter even mentioned it in the first movie, if he had a chance to explore what really happened to his father-he would do it.

2) Episode I and Attack of the Clones: I loved the darkness of Revenge of the Sith, although I would have called it Rise of the Sith. Episode 1 was cringe worthy because of little Anakin, and the purists hated Jar Jar. That former could have been solved in flashbacks which seems to be all the craze in tv now (LOST and Arrow). The latter could have been represented in a more dignified way to appeal to everyone. If you have seen Bryan Singer's Usual Suspects-who ended up being Keizer Soze (the mysterious cutthroat villain of the movie) ? The least likely character. You could have used the same thing for Jar Jar. HIs importance in the Star Wars lore was his vote to allow Palpatine to become the Emperor. So have him in a showdown with pissed off Anakin pre Vader, when Jar Jar was pretending to be a bumbling idiot that lumbers around but is actually a bad ass Sith warrior. As far as Attack of the Clones go- the romance between the two wooden actors could have been cut down.

3)Ghostbusters II/The proposed GB3: Leave it alone! One was classic. Let Egon RIP, and Bill Murray is smart for diversifying his movie roles. If it is rumored all female team with that annoying Melissa Mccarthy-it should not be called Ghostbusters.