Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Expendables 3, and the Problem with PG-13

8CN: This weekend I found myself with a little bit of free time, and with the end of summer fast approaching, I decided to get in some last minute blockbusters, opting to go watch The Expendables 3 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sadly, I didn't particuarly enjoy either of them, largely for similar reasons though.

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thorstein2542d ago

The new ratings don't make any sense.

Airplane was PG. So was Ghostbusters. Go and rewatch Ghostbusters and realize that it is PG.

PG isn't what it used to be.

Soldierone2542d ago

It's like that with a lot of movies. Go back a few years, find a PG movies, and in your mind release it in todays age. 9 out of 10 movies will get PG 13..... If not R.

Soldierone2542d ago

The rating board is out of control as of late.

There was nothing in TMNT that I wouldn't stop my little brother from seeing. Nothing. In fact when I brought him to see it, almost half the theater was nothing but kids!

Yet lets take a step back and look at movies from when I was a kid, would these movies get the same ratings? Nope. All these PG films that were "safe" for me to watch as a kid would be rated PG-13 today with some "parent" group crying about kids watching it. Imagine if Roger Rabbit released today?

Now flip the channel and see The Expendables has the same PG-13 rating.... while I'd gladly let him watch TMNT all day, I wouldn't let him watch that all day. Yet if I was just a parent, I go see movies like TMNT with this rating, notice it's not bad at all, and my kid goes "can I go watch this other PG 13 movie?" Sure, go ahead, it's only PG 13....So why is it they both got the same rating?

It's stupid because there are tiny little things that auto push a rating up. Slight violence? PG 13. Blood splatter or one too many F bombs? R rating. Show a boob? R rating. Show 1000's of people dying, but cut out the scene with the boob and hold back some blood, PG 13.

Even if it hints at being "sexy" it gets PG 13. Transformers for example got PG 13 thanks to references of him masturbating and being all hot for Megan Fox....

Honestly time for a reboot of ratings. PG 13 is "ideal" for movie studios, but maybe something can be done so PG and R movies do not lose so much money....