We Know Whose Star Wars Hand JJ Abrams Showed Us

From BAD:

Our friends at Latino Review just revealed a bunch of info about Star Wars Episode VII, specifically about the villains. As had been rumored, they will be Inquisitors, connected to the characters to be introduced in Star Wars: Rebels (although my source says the word "Inquisitor" has not been used on set, so maybe they'll be called something else in the movie). But there's more, and I can fill in the blanks.

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WizzroSupreme2540d ago

Maaayyyybeee... or it's Luke's. That'd be the safe route for them, though it even looks sorta like C-3P0's in Phantom Menace. I do believe the idea of the frozen AND forest planet; would make more sense to be naturally diverse than Lucas's one climate planets.

RetrospectRealm2538d ago

Following that atrocious rumor of Luke's hand floating through space is not the safe route...

Emme2538d ago

A super weapon again ?

pompombrum2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

So we have two nobodies (that will probably turn out to be special) who find something and go on an adventure to find the owner which will eventually lead to them saving the world from a super weapon? Sounds a little familiar..