CGM Reviews: The Expendables 3

It’s odd to think that The Expendables has become a blockbuster institution. Back when Sylvester Stallone announced plans to bust all of his retired 80s action buddies out of retirement for one last big box office score, it sounded like a cute idea at best and a pathetic train-wreck at worst. The first movie fell somewhere in between those two extremes. It was tonally inconsistent and a little unsatisfying, but became a hit based on pure novelty. Then came The Expendables 2 by director Simon Con Air West who understood how to turn the nostalgic action series into a comedy with machine guns through self-parody. It was The Expendables movie that everyone wanted the first time, so it was an even bigger hit and now we’re all being treated to the victory lap that is Expendables 3. The new movie is neither as goofily entertaining as the second one nor as inconsistent as the first. It falls somewhere in the middle. The flick offers plenty of entertainment and celebrities, yet little purpos...

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