Here’s That Clip of Dancing Baby Groot in All Its Galactic Glory


Editor’s Note/Major Spoiler Alert: If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who has yet to see Guardians of the Galaxy, we suggest not watching the video above or reading any further. (You should probably erase that headline from your memory, too.)

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WizzroSupreme2925d ago

I nearly died when I saw this clip. Embodies everything that made Guardians a blas.

Merrill2924d ago

If anything, this was the only scene I really disliked. Its not clever or even funny(imo). CGI dancing is not funny.

Soldierone2924d ago

Loved the scene just because it kept the upbeat motive with the film. Very rare these days to see a good movie with an upbeat mood, it was awesome!

SouthClaw2924d ago

I loved this movie. It is definitely one of the top marvel films. I would say better than Avengers.

It is one of the only films in a long time to be able to balance a great story with a great bunch of characters with a well balanced mix of comedy and action.

I was in stitches watching it. My expectations were quite low for this film.

Ninte2924d ago

Just what i expected a fun enjoyable movie with a good soundtrack to tap your feet and i hope we get into more details about starlords parents.