Martin Lawrence Announces Bad Boys 3

Junkie Monkeys: Shit just got real! Last night on Conan, Martin Lawrence confirmed that Bad Boys 3 is currently in the works.

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ForgottenProphecy2925d ago

Oh man, Bad Boys brings me back... So glad to hear another one is coming

SouthClaw2925d ago

As much as I want it it has been in the pipeline since the 2nd.

Kurylo3d2924d ago

Problem is hte 2nd one was garbage... the first one was awesome.

The_Blue2925d ago

Hopefully they leave Miami vice for a trip to south america.

Gezmoyassine2925d ago

It's been a while since we've seen Martin Lawrence on the big screen.I guess he needs this more than Will.

Porcelain_Chicken2925d ago

Eh... idk. Will's only had four movies in the past six years. :l Two of which bombed horribly. After Earth and Winter's Tale. And one of which was only a cameo, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Men in Black 3 did great but Will said he's done with that franchise and "might" consider a MIB4. Why he'd do that is beyond me.

It's safe to say they could both use this. x) I hope they both do it. It's the only Micheal Bay franchise i've ever truly enjoyed. Although if Will forces his son into this, then i'm out.

DarkBlood2925d ago

Im confused hes done with mib or were you talking about something else?

Gezmoyassine2925d ago

I know what you mean.I don't want Will to force Jaden on us just because he is his son.

Treezy5042925d ago

He really should not have turned down Django, then again I think Jamie was perfect for the role.

TheSaint2925d ago

What about Independance day 2? heard that was coming as well??

Soldierone2924d ago

Lots of rumors, Will was even saying that Hancock 2 was coming at one point.

However Will Smith has turned down Independence Day 2, at least so far. It's supposed to release in 2016.

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