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Extant 1.06 Review: “Nightmares” | TVOM

TVOM: "I believe that instead of having this episode of Extant named “Nightmares,” it could instead be named “Creepy Circle Symbol” because that’s basically what this episode was about. We saw it in Ethan’s dream and his picture. We saw it in Kryger’s mission. The image kept repeating over and let me tell you, it was never good. The episode was actually named this because Ethan the android had his first nightmare which was ‘unprecedented.’ While John wants to immediately rush him off to the lab, Molly convinces him to stay home until the morning so Ethan sees that they’re just a happy family. The more the series goes on, the more I get that she does want this idea of a perfect unit and that’s why she wants this so badly. Why? After having a pseudo-pregnancy she realizes now more than ever how important it is to be a family."

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