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George R. R. Martin Confirms Some Fans Have Correctly Guessed Game of Thrones Ending

"If you thought the ending of Game of Thrones would be something completely unpredictable, you thought wrong… well, sort of."

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Treezy5042919d ago

I hope it's the Jon Snow theory.

-Foxtrot2919d ago

Hope they find some way to get him on the Throne in the end. I know he's on an Oath to the Watch but with it being a story I suppose he could write anything into the plot which could get him off it. I think it would be best suited for the person who least wants the throne to actually get it in the end.

I would like to see the surviving Starks reunite near the end so they can rebuild the North

Gamefan122919d ago

easy way to get out of it .. and not spoiling anything for those that have not read the book .. but lets say might have happened already

WizzroSupreme2919d ago

And those 5 people in the internet that guessed the Wildlings get the throne were right...

nix2918d ago

George Martin: "dammit.. they got it right. lemme kill all those characters."