'Aquaman' Movie Hooks Two Writers


Will Beall, who wrote 'Gangster Squad,' and Kurt Johnstad, who wrote '300: Rise of an Empire,' are tackling two separate scripts for Warner Bros.

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Porcelain_Chicken2927d ago

Hmm, i didn't like the Gangster squad but i love Castle so i'm not sure what to think of Will Beal. His Justice League script ended up being terrible and unused so that's not a good sign. Especially considering both Gangster squad and Justice League are character ensembles.

I liked the screenplay Johnstad wrote for 300 (haven't seen Act of Valor or the 300 sequel). But it's hard to judge based on that since 300 was so unique.

Let's hope with the competitive pressure, at least one these guys gives us something special.

Crazay2926d ago

I've never seen competition cause issue.

Porcelain_Chicken2926d ago

What? I meant that i hope these guys give it their all in writing these scripts. One upping the other writer is good motivation. It'll help get the best script possible!

Soldierone2926d ago

To be honest Gangster Squad wasn't terrible squad wise, and he did a good job of bringing the characters together. The only really downside to it was the terrible emotion behind the characters, but that was mostly directing and acting choices (like that friggin voice) that ruined it.

As for the other one, 300 was alright, but the script isn't what made it good. Act of Valor is hard to judge because it wasn't really a "true" movie. It was more of an honor towards soldiers which was awesome, but it lacked many standard film points. Basically all you will get from him is a typical action movie at best.

WizzroSupreme2926d ago

Hopefully starring Jason Momoa.

vork772926d ago

just a guy swimming the movie