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Why I Fear Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Will Fail

EGMR writes: "It’s unfortunate that when attempting to discuss a comic book movie in this manner I have to attach a number of disclaimers to it in order to avoid the wrath of the fanboys around the world. Sadly that’s how it is. I didn’t make the world I just live in it. The first and most important of the disclaimers I need to make is that when I say ‘fail’ I do not mean commercially, because there’s little doubt in my mind that this movie will bring in the millions. Rather I mean that quality-wise, critically, I have my reservations. The second disclaimer I have to make is that Batman is my favourite hero next to Spider-Man, and not only did I enjoy Zack Synder’s take on Man of Steel but I’ve also been excited for this movie since it’s announcement. That excitement, however, has begun to fade as the news came in, and not even that orgasmic comic-con teaser could fully rekindle it. Alright then, onto the grim part."

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WizzroSupreme2919d ago

It won't fail financially, I can tell you that. But critically? Probably average, but worse in its legacy to fans at its worst.