Orange is the New Black 2.12-2.13 Review: It Was the Change/We Have Manners. We’re Polite.| TVOM

TVOM: "Orange is the New Black‘s second season begins in extreme isolation: focused on a singular character and a journey separated from the rest of the show, it goes to great lengths to express Piper’s loneliness on her journey from New York to Chicago and back, how frightening a world full of enemies and strangers can really be. Quietly, it sets the stage for the entire season, a season full of characters being forced into isolation by forces they can’t control – and in the constantly demeaning, depressing world of prison, being alone is every single person’s greatest fear. Sure, you’d think it would be staying alive: but in a world where reality beats the compassion out of your soul, death no longer holds the asphyxiating grip on your mind you might think it would. No, the real fear is being alone, being without someone who talk to, to call a friend, lover, or family: and that fear Piper deals with comes full-circle with Vee in OitNB‘s climatic episodes, two of the finest hours t...

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