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What They Say:
A Thing With Feathers – An alien attack leaves Maggie fighting for her life; Tom and Dingaan must rely on an enemy ship to rescue them.

The Review:
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With its focus on action the last time around, Falling Skies worked better than it has in awhile and that made for some pretty fun scenes overall. It doesn’t really change the feel or nature of the series, but man it left me wanting more of that and about zero when it comes to Lexi and her stuff. Of course, the show also threw a few of the characters to the wind as Ben and Lexi end up in the Espheni ship whie Tom is trapped underground. The dead litter the streets from the attack that was put into play and while there are losses, there’s still a bit of a sense of victory with what they did considering how bad things looked. Everyone getting out of the shelter after what went down has them hitting the streets looking for the survivors and that means a lot of searching and digging to try and find them. While we know that Tom is alive, there’s a limit to how long he’ll last in this situation. Oh the tension.

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