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TVF Major Crimes Review: For Rusty's Sake

Stories about strong women are appreciated.

In Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 10 there were two strong women at play, a previously unknown officer named Kate Sherman and Sharon Raydor. There was even an honorable mention or two.

I'm still not sure what the heck is going on with SOB, but they're always around now. Fritz apparently had a heart attack because of a 90% blockage in his heart, but even though doctor Colin Ferguson (who cares what his real name was... nice guest appearance!) suggested he should retire, Fritz refused.

That meant he was out on the streets (after telling his doc his promotion was a desk job) and on a massive amount of blood thinners. Even so, he still clutched at his heart more than once. That storyline is starting to concern me.

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alycakes2920d ago

Fritz's situation concern's me but what bothered me more on last night's episode was Rusty's real mother and what she had the nerve to ask of him. I couldn't believe what she said to him and I was proud of him and his response but what I liked even better was when Sharon went to deal with Rusty's mom at the was awesome.

Can't wait for the return in November.