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New Batman v Superman Details Emerge

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We recently received a tip from an extra who was working on the Detroit set of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Apparently, he worked on the production for ten days, and while he was there he learned a few things about the movie that I thought I'd share.

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ajax173629d ago

Sounds plausible and is probably true... now I wish I hadn't read it, lol

Porcelain_Chicken3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Really? o_O Is it cool? Should i read it?

Edit: Dammit (,_, ) I read it lol. It sounds pretty cool. A bit spoilery though, if true! Now i'm wishing the same thing. :l

cell9893629d ago

what is all the fuss about

cell9893629d ago

shouldnt have read it :(

Soldierone3629d ago

So based off 3 people's experiences, I should for sure not read this.

I'll probably give in by tomorrow haha

WizzroSupreme3629d ago

Dang. Totally true. Now I'll be angry if that doesn't happen. Your move, Snyder.

CLOUD19833629d ago

I can't describe how bad this chick they put to play Wonder Woman looks & Ben Affleck as Batman = FAIL! so we have 2 FAILS in a row on this movie who the fck choose those actors seriously r they blind? can't they see how unfitting are for those roles? every1 get it except them...

Crazay3629d ago

I think a unanimous level of disagrees says that you don't get it. So called "Fans" said the same thing about RDJ - WRONG...They said "Not Captain Kirk's Father?!?" - WRONG... Let's never forget "The gay cowboy? Brokeback Joker. How lame" - WRONG WRONG WRONG. Perhaps the collective internet should take a look at their own track record and keep it shut until they see it.

Porcelain_Chicken3628d ago

THIS^^ Like a million times.

Don't forget the massive backlash Christopher Reeve got when he was first cast as Supes. Now people can't seem to let him go. Christian Bale and Micheal Keaton arguably the 2 best Batmans so far got the same backlash. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Daniel Craig as Bond. Hemsworth as Thor.

Fans want characters played by actors from their own personal fancast sheet for whatever trivial reason. Usually looks. They don't take into consideration all the other variables that come into effect when it comes to casting.

Ninte3629d ago

Lol people still complaining

No_Pantaloons3629d ago

Bit tired of hearing about this, its not coming this year or even next. Early spring 2016 is a long ways off, too far for this to be headlining articles every week.

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