The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 8: Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar Review | Fandom Post

Ruskov’s in control of the situation… for now.

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Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar… – Slattery must step into the role of commanding officer and find a way to get his people back without losing the vaccine prototype.

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Having Chandler picked up at the last minute rescue with Tex last time was definitely expected, though I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised that it was the Russian ship that grabbed them. That provides a nice bit of change of pace for things both with the Russian side of things and what’s going on with the Nathan James. Having picked up someone that was immune to the virus is a big boost for Rachel in figuring things out, but the ship itself is going to be in a different state of emotions and function with Chandler gone, and that means Slattery has to step up and take command while juggling several things, including the obvious desire to get Chandler back. And Chandler will want to get back as we see from the prologue that the Russian ship isn’t going to be a pleasure cruise for him or Tex.

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