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25 Reasons Why Uncle Buck Is An Under-Appreciated Classic

Superb yet often overlooked ’80s movie Uncle Buck marks its 25th anniversary this week.

The story of one hard-up slob attempting to look after his successful brother’s kids, it’s less celebrated than many other flicks of that decade – but deserves to be revered as an uplifting, inspiring classic. Here are 25 reasons why.

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Crazay1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

You think Uncle Buck is under appreciated? That's the first time I've ever heard that. UB is AMAZING! I miss John Candy - he was such a funny guy who was taken from us far too early.

shodan741533d ago

It doesn't get the same kind of love and recognition that John Hughes' other movies receive, but it's probably my favourite.

Couldn't agree more on what you say about John Candy: incredible actor, and I was genuinely devastated when he passed away.

knifefight1532d ago

It's certainly not under-appreciated in my house!

Aldous_Snow1531d ago

Thank you guys. I appreciate it.

Now... Who wants pancakes?!!!

shodan741531d ago

Ha ha. Brilliant! Welcome back Buck :)