Rambo V Shooting In Louisiana This Year

Millenium Studios have given an update on Rambo V, hinting that not only will it go ahead but will shoot this year. The story allegedly has Rambo crossing the U.S./Mexico border to rescue a girl kidnapped by The Cartel. Since this is Shreveport updating this, I think it’s safe to say it’s filming there.

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Porcelain_Chicken1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

God i hope they don't PG-13 this one. Although a "No Country For Old Men" (less about flashy PEW PEW PEW'S) and more about substance as Stallone said might be good. Maybe.

On a side note i thought Stallone was done with both the Rambo and Rocky franchises. Now i hear he's doing another one of each!? ONE AFTER THE OTHER TOO!! Dafuq!? xD

barb_wire1618d ago

I wish Stallone would just film "Hunter" already - heck, he's owned the rights that that book for sometime now. In fact, "Hunter" was supposed to be 'Rambo V' at one point.