10 Hit Films That Should Be Turned Into TV Shows

Adapting movies into successful TV shows is the new cool. Fargo has been renewed for a second season after being nominated for a staggering 18 Emmy Award nominations, and a series based on Richard Linklater’s School of Rock has just been announced.

There’s still plenty of great candidates up for grabs, however. Pippa Day looks at ten hit films that should become six-part mini-series at least.

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RetrospectRealm1583d ago

Sin City would be damn cool as a TV show but I think the budget for each episode would be too much.

WizzroSupreme1583d ago

I've long though Sin City's biggest problem was its television format squeezed into a film time slot. No way to get good story arcs going, you instead have to rely on snapshots of characters' lives.

I second that the budget for the black 'n white comic effects would kill its budget chances the same as the live-action X-men I've always dreamed about, but in a perfect world, that's what it'd be. Or, ya know, a graphic novel of some kind.

thorstein1582d ago

American Beauty? Um... no. I am not interested in a TV show about a pedophile.

yoshiroaka1582d ago

KickAss sounds like a really solid idea to me. Not to expensive of a show to do, can easily fit into an episodic format and is fresh enough idea to stand out on the tv landscape.

If an Arrow tv show can be profitable then so can that.